Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach
Thank You Katie, Mary, Caitlin and Brian

Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 May 2011 Fast America Day 25

Richmond, IN to Marysville, OH

Mileage:                     106.26 miles
Riding Time:              7:23     Riding Speed 14.5 mph
Total Time:                 7:55
Climbing:                    2365 ft.
Flats:                           0

Today was cool and damp (as opposed to cold and wet). It started out looking like yesterday, but never got really bad. We did ride the whole day into the teeth of a gentle breeze, which was a relief.

The scenery is getting prettier and prettier. Green, hilly, nice homes. But you can see that the rain has been intense. Every little creek that we cross has become a wide muddy river. The fields are completely saturated; with lots of standing water. I am told that the corn should be a foot high by now, but it has not been planted yet.

On Day 23, I noted that very small variations in rider strength day-to-day made a big difference in relative rider performance. Here is what Ohio Steve said about me in his blog that day:

Not only was the wind giving me fits, for some reason my legs were dead. At one point before the first sag stop, Big Chris, 64 and the oldest rider in the group, was pulling away from me at a steady rate during a direct head wind on three mile long road. The next time I saw him, he was at Steak-n-Shake sipping a shake while I was just coming into Lebanon.

Of course Steve thought that he was having a bad day. I think that he was having a fine day, it was just my turn. Today was his turn. He passed me early on with two other riders in tow and instead of catching on to the last wheel, I just had to wave “Bye”.

The highlight of the day was meeting my cousin Patsy for dinner. I was hoping that, since she had a car, she could drive me to the best Italian Restaurant in Marysville. But the best Italian Restaurant in Marysville turned out to be 100 yards from the hotel, so we walked. We had a wonderful time and some real good antipasti, Chianti, and prime rib.

Why to people in Ohio put stars on their homes? As with the question about catfish heads on fence posts in Missouri, I have found lots of answers on line. They may originally have had a structural reason. They are found in Amish areas. They are good luck. Etc. One reference said that it was a modern fad moving to other states. Anyone who thinks they know the reason, please e-mail me!

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