Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach
Thank You Katie, Mary, Caitlin and Brian

Sunday, May 22, 2011

22 May 2011 Fast America Day 29

Dunkirk, NY to Batavia, NY

Mileage:                     84.41 miles
Riding Time:              5:13     Riding Speed 16.0 mph
Total Time:                 5:45
Climbing:                    2529 ft.
Flats:                           0

As Mike suggested, I made this an “Active Rest Day”. I just took today nice and easy and still made it to the hotel in Batavia by 1:45, including a milk shake stop a mile from the hotel. The last four days of our trip are all about 120 miles, and the last two also have 7,000+ ft. of climbing, so this was a day to prepare for the home stretch. It was a gray day, constantly threatening rain, but only a few drops materialized.

Jim got me new pedals, but we concluded that my shifter is responsible for  my front derailleur problems; the shift to the large chain ring is now working perfectly, but it is very difficult to get it to go to the small one.

In other news, Lasse tied me in the flat competition, with his 12th, a “hotel flat” that he discovered this morning. You will note that the two heaviest riders are tied for the lead.

I’ll be meeting my next cousin, Jini, along with her husband Verne, for dinner tonight. I remember meeting her at her house in very rural Rochester on a snowy winter day years ago, when her kids had all gone cross country skiing out of their back door, and feeling jealous of her family’s lifestyle!

We made the news as we passed through Canton, OH on Day 27; Canton is the home of “Ohio Bob”, one of our riders. There are three good pictures, one of Bob, one of me in my San Jose Bicycle Club kit, and one of me completely out of focus as I am being out sprinted up a hill by Daryl and Manny:

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