Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 April 2011 Fast America Day 5

28April 2011
Fast America Day 5

Cottonwood, AZ to Winslow, AZ

Mileage:                     109.18 miles
Riding Time:              7:50     Riding Speed 13.8 mph
Total Time:                 10:02
Climbing:                    5360 ft.
Flats:                           1

The plan for today was simple: ride up for 40 miles, and hope you get to the next motel from there. We rode through the beautiful red rock toursity town of Sedona, with an informal SAG stop at the Episcopal Church (Mike’s daugheter’s mother in law is the pastor there and she wanted to make sure that we had enough nourishment.

The ride went up for 4,000 feet and then down for 2,000, but there were some surprises. 4,000 feet in 40 miles doesn’t sound like much, but check out the wiggles in the map on one of the links above at about mile 33. We climbed a wall like I have never seen. When I got to the top, I went to the scenic viewpoint and said “No way did I climb that!” But my Garmin doesn’t lie, I did. As Mike said: “If you fall from the overlook at the top, you will bounce on the road 4 times on the way down.”

I think that the Eagles nailed the ambiance of Winslow perfectly. There was a mural on the building on the corner but it burned down. Rather than write about it myself; here is the link:

BUT our fearless tour leaders said we could either eat at Denny’s, or take a cab to a fantastic restaurant, About half of us opted for the latter. If you are ever in Winslow, go to the Turquoise Room at the Posada Hotel and tell them Chris sent you it’s a real winner.

We actually went there in an Econolodge van, but Steve and I walked back a mile and a half or so because we didn’t want to wait for the van.

My right knee: all better. I can even tie my shoe laces without painful contortions.

My left foot: I need to continually monitor it. So far, so good.

We don’t get our route sheet for tomorrow until tomorrow. I know we ride 130 miles, but I have learned two things: the published (pre ride) climbing totals are not very meaningful and the mileage is always greater than the published number.

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